Easily create awesome galleries…

This is a full width cover block with a fixed background image with a 20% opacity.

This is a left aligned cover block with a background image.

The cover block lets you add text on top of images or videos.

This blocktype has several alignment options, and you can also align or center the text inside the block.

The background image can be fixed and you can change its opacity and add an overlay color.

Make sure that the text wraps correctly over the image, and that text markup and alignments are working.

The next image should have a pink overlay color, the text should be bold and aligned to the left:

A center aligned cover image block, with a left aligned text.

This is a cover block with a video background.

All the latest WordPress gallery features are enabled in Myth theme.

Are using the AESOP plugin? We got that covered as well 😉

And if that is not enough for you, you can install our brand new MeanBlocks plugin (included for free in this theme) to add advanced controls or lightboxes!

This page features a few gallery examples (without MeanBlocks improved features).

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